About Us


North West Fishery is committed to export many kinds of seafood including Tuna from Indian Ocean to Europe, Japan, USA and the Middle East.

Company is having a state of the art production facility which is EU approved and has been Registered with the export development board of Sri Lanka.

Quality of our Products have never been compromised and always assured to the fullest satisfaction of customers. In Europe every prominent super market shelves proudly display our products, which comply with HACCP and EU standard.

The activities include the Collection, Storage, Processing and Marketing of Tuna and Tuna related products and our major international markets presently supplied are Thailand, China, Japan, Iran, Oman, and New-Zealand.

North West Fishery own and manage a fleet of vessels to assist in the collection of fresh fish from different fishing grounds within our permitted fishing zones.

The management is heavily invested and diversified the business to meet both the needs of the Sri Lankan fishing industry and very competitive and quality oriented international market.


The production from the state of the art processing plant will include Whole fish, Fresh Loins and a number of value added products that will be sold to local and international Markets.

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